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Exemptions to US oil sanctions for importers still buying from Iran have ended. Sara Vakshari, an Iranian oil analyst at the SVB energy consultancy, tells us oil prices may rise as a result. We hear about the impact on investment in Iran from Cyrus Razzaghi, who runs the Iranian inward investment consultancy ARAD. And we get the historical perspective on oil sanctions from Elizabeth Rosenberg, a former US treasury official who directs the energy programme at US think tank the Centre for American Security. Also in the programme, we head to Pakistan to hear how young female entrepreneurs have been using technology to solve long standing problems. Plus on the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, we hear about his legacy to the world of engineering from Martin Kemp, emeritus professor of the History of Art at Trinity College, Oxford.

(Picture: An Iranian oil tanker. Picture credit: AFP.)

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